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The political world today:
Each contestant looks to ensure his audience support.
After dozens of campaigns, we learned that elected officials who create a conversation with their audience and not just speak to them, know how to match messages to each voter, thereby maximizing their potential on election day by more than 20%. A candidate must understand his voters - there is no other way to win elections today.
With well-established technologies in the business world, Electorate gives the candidate the ability to collect information based on any contact with the voter. Following That, Electorate gives the platform to speak with the voter on the basis of the information gathered and to highlight messages we have found relevant to him. In the end, on Election Day we will use the information we collected together with the Electorate function to produce a clear election day strategy, based on facts and data – That will guarantee your victory.
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Analysis of information and strategy of action:

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Interaction with voters:

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Gathering information about target audiences:

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  • Kfar Ezion